Design in the City is a format in Designmonat Graz offering designers and design-oriented shops the opportunity to participate in the programme of Designmonat Graz.
Companies and designers present exceptional products, unique collections, outstanding creations and plenty of information regarding the role of design in their everyday business. This all takes place where design can be experienced: in the shops and companies in the city. Design becomes visible.

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Klammerth, Herrengasse 7-9, 8010 Graz
Saturday 29th April 2017 - Saturday, 27. May 2017

Within Designmonat Graz the innovate aroma pots series by Riess can be seen at the kitchenware supplier Klammerth.

© Christina Häusler

29th April to 27th May 2017
Location: Klammerth | Herrengasse 7-9, 8010

Riess Emaillemanufaktur (enamel manufactory) is the only producer of cookware in Austria; the family company, founded in 1550, is today run in the ninth generation. Since 2011 the traditional brand from Lower Austria has been cooperating with the design studio dottings (Katrin Radanitsch and Sofia Podreka). Due to this cooperation, they made stackable aroma pots that exist of a 100 % steel and enamel. Within Designmonat Graz the innovate series can be seen at the kitchenware supplier Klammerth.


The free style of Jasna and Stefan

freistil Rolf Benz Store Graz, Leonhartstraße 10, 8010 Graz
Tuesday 02nd May 2017

The freelance artists Jasna Gasparic and Stefan Klug present their works in the showroom of the furniture retailer Wohndesign Maierhofer.

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© Jasna Gasparic

2nd to 27th May 2017 | 10.00 – 18.00
Location: freistil Rolf Benz Store Graz | Leonhartstraße 10, 8010 Graz

Textile Design and Mixed Media Design by Jasna Gasparic and Stefan Klug.
The freelance artists Jasna Gasparic and Stefan Klug present their works in the showroom of the furniture retailer Wohndesign Maierhofer. This leads to a dialogue as well as a contrast between the artists’ works and the design furniture.
While Jana Gasparic pursues textile design and creates, inter alia, cushions, children’s clothes and bags, Stefan Klug mainly works with glass, ceramics and metal.
The exhibition takes place from 2nd May 2017 from 10:00 to 18:00 at the furniture store Wohndesign Maierhofer at Leonhardstrasse 10.


Traditional craftsmanship meets modern graphics

Wohntraumschmiede, Belgiergasse 6, 8020 Graz
Wednesday 17th May 2017 / 16:00

The artfully made unique pieces of Rost und Spaene can be seen at Wohntraumschmiede.

© Rost & Späne

17th May 2017 | 16.00 – 20.00
Location: Wohntraumschmiede | Belgiergasse 6, 8020 Graz

From fancy Italian tiles to beds made of wood from the year 1806 and decorative bottle holders: At Wohntraumschmiede you find everything that you need to furnish your home. Additionally, they offer interior design planning, project consulting, and delivery and assembling services. Within Designmonat Graz, the exclusive furniture by Helge Gyoerkoes (Rost und Spaene) is to be seen at Wohntraumschmiede: the unique pieces are made of metal and up to 300-year-old wood.


Meet the Designers: Decasa and Manuel Essl

Reync & Schoene Designwerkstatt, Bürgergasse 7, 8010 Graz
Wednesday 17th May 2017 / 17:00

Over a glass of wine, Carola and Sabrina Deutsch of Decasa as well as Manuel Essl of Manuel Essl Design exclusively present their new collections.

ReyncSchoene_DECASA-SabrinaCarolaDeutsch-PettyCat-Querformat-© Stella-Kager_dmg
© Stella Kager

17th May 2017 | 17.00 – 21.00
Location: reync schoene designwerkstatt | Bürgergasse 7, 8010 Graz

Within Designmonat Graz, Iris-Maria Zehetner and Kathrin Beck present two special collections in their reync & schoene designwerkstatt: the artists Carola and Sabrina Deutsch of the label Decasa will present their fabric design for the first time, from which – in cooperation with reync & schoene – resulted a small range of clothes. They also host the young designer Manuel Essl, who presents ‘Drop6’ of his MEDley line.


Be urban – Be BoConcept

BoConcept, Hans-Sachs-Gasse 2, 8010 Graz
Wednesday 17th May 2017 / 17:30

Late Night Shopping & Appetizers @ BoConcept’. The four best reinterpretations of the Ottawa chair are presented and awarded, additionally there are shopping bargains and finger food.

© BoConcept

17th May 2017 | 17.30 – 21.00
Location: BoConcept Graz | Hans-Sachs-Gasse 2, 8010 Graz

BoConcept made a design workshop with the students of HTL Moedling under the motto ‘Be urban – Be BoConcept’. The origin for the creative analysis of the materials and the object was the Ottawa chair, designed by the internationally operating designer Karim Rashid. The four best designs are implemented by the students in the form of a prototype and will be awarded by a jury within Designmonat Graz. In the course of Designmonat Graz, there is also a 10 % discount on all new orders of the Ottawa chair.


Exhibition opening: Erotic panties

Lieblingsplatz, Sporgasse 23, 8010 Graz
Thursday 18th May 2017 / 18:00

In the form of a vernissage, the Viennese artist Tadzio Stein displays his panties, imprinted with erotic graphics, which hide the ‘origin of the world’ like a curtain.

© Sabine Tiefenbrunner

18th May 2017 | 18.00
Location: Lieblingsplatz | sporgasse 23, 8010 Graz

Sabine Tiefenbrunner, owner of the boutique Lieblingsplatz, aims at combining beauty and fairness at her shop. Within Designmonat Graz, she does present intimate affairs in the form of panties with erotic graphics, designed by artist Tadzio Stein.


Meet the Designer: Flo Hermann

Duke Johns Barbershop, Annenstraße 25, 8020 Graz
Thursday 18th May 2017 / 18:00

In the form of a cozy get-together, Florian Hermann of ‘hermanns shaping’ presents his boards made of wood.

© Jorj Konstantinov

18th May 2017 | 18.00
Location: Duke John’s Barbershop | Annenstraße 25, 8020 Graz

At Duke John’s Barbershop on Annenstrasse, Alexander Prasser revives the North-American tradition of the classical barbershop. In the course of Designmonat Graz, he adds another American feature to the shop: for the whole of May, you can see the surf and skateboards of designer Florian Hermann. In a small manufactory Florian Hermann builds SUP boards, kite boards and surfboards but also wooden furniture. Doing this, he strongly focuses on sustainability and rationality.


Meet the Designer: Garfield Trummer

Verytasch, Mandellstraße 28, 8010 Graz
Friday 19th May 2017 / 13:00

Verytasch hosts the photographer who has already put the spotlight on models such as Micaela Schaefer.

@ Jorj Konstantinov

19th May 2017 | 13.00 – 15.00
Location: Verytasch | Mandellstraße 28, 8010 Graz

At the only recently opened concept store Verytasch of Adolf Berghold you can discover a lot of things: besides the bags of the Swiss label Freitag, made of truck tarpaulins, there is first and second hand fashion, swing wear such as suits, jackets, and cardigans as well as antiques and vintage accessories. A part of the shop is designed by photographer and artist Garfield Trummer: you can buy for example T-shirts with ‘Garfield Art’ motives and the artist does regularly exhibit his photographs.


Show workshop to participate

TASH LIVING, Glacisstraße 65, 8010 Graz
Friday 19th May 2017 / 15:00

At the show workshop you get insights into the manual production of the greeting card series and are able to practice a technique that has already fascinated artists like Pablo Picasso.

© Karin Niggler

19th May 2017 | 15.00 – 18.00
Location: TASH LIVING | Glacisstraße 65, 8010 Graz

TASH LIVING combines a concept store for interior design and lifestyle with a coffee bar, a platform for young designers and a decorating studio. The greeting cards series EINLINIG, made by the Graz-based graphic and photo artist Karin Niggler, contrasts with TASH LIVING’s motto ‘Live your diversity’. All motives are drawn in only one line without stopping and are then digitalized. In the course of Designmonat Graz, Natascha Galler, owner of TASH LIVING, invites you, together with Karin Niggler, to make your own greeting cards.

Millilux001-© Theo-Stoelzl_dmg_KL

Presentation: Shirt rescue lamps

milli lux, Mandellstraße 4, 8010 Graz
Friday 19th May 2017 / 15:00

You can now admire your former favorite shirts as lamp shades. Barbara Stoelzl of Milli lux presents the different models.

Millilux001-© Theo-Stoelzl_dmg
© Theo Stölzl

19th May 2017 | 15.00 – 18.00
Location: milli lux | Mandellstraße 4, 8010 Graz

Milli Lux has specialized in making textile lampshades, whose shaping is not done by a kind of wire or plastics but by the fabric itself. For Designmonat Graz the owner and lampshade designer Barbara Stoelzl came up with something special: ‘Shirt Rescue’ emerged in the course of a project dealing with a critical examination of the clothing industry around the topics of fair salaries, resource-friendly production, environmental pollution and more. Thereby, they make lampshades out of old T-shirts and thus every luminaire becomes a unique piece.


IO – Presentation of the summer colours

InOptik, Kaiser-Josef-Platz 5, 8010 Graz
Friday 19th May 2017 / 15:00

IN OPTIK inform about colors you cannot live without this summer and present the latest eyewear models.

© Barbara Kaiser

19th May 2017 | 15.00 – 18.00
Location: IN OPTIK | Kaiser-Josef-Platz 5, 8010 Graz

Already some years ago, Wilfried Fauland started to commit himself to classical oval and round eyewear in his company IN OPTIK. Ahead of their time, the classical pieces have been coated in countless different colors in the in-house workshop, in order to match trends, the very own jewelry or dress. Until today, the in-house brand IO colour, which is made in the customers’ desired colors, represents the eyewear that is most sold at IN OPTIK.


SOBINI – Presentation and tasting

Il Nascondiglio, Kaiser-Josef-Platz 4, 8010 Graz
Friday 19th May 2017 / 15:00

Designer Sabine Gemmrig-Kniely presents her latest Sobini-Collection, Irene Ofenheimer-Kober provides the appropriate culinary frame in the form of a food tasting.

© Jorj Konstantinov

19th May 2017 | 15.00 – 18.00
Location: il Nascondiglio | Kaiser-Josef-Platz 4, 8010 Graz

Within Designmonat Graz, Irene Ofenheimer-Kober, founder of the delicatessen Il Nascondiglio with delicacies from Lake Garda, has joined forces with designer Sabine Gemmrig-Kniely. They are united through their attention to detail and their passion for their work: With a lot of heart, Irene Ofenheimer-Kober selects adequate culinary delights for her shop, Sabine Gemmrig-Kniely produces, under the label Sobini, accessories of organic quality for babies and toddlers.


Meet the Designer and exhibition workshop: Alexandra Steinabuer

Himmelgrau, Feuerbachgasse 10, 8020 Graz
Saturday 20th May 2017 / 10:00

Designer Alex of A pinch of salt gives insight into the jewelry production in the course of a 4-hour workshop; individual pieces of jewelry can be made on site.

© Alexandra Steinbauer/Philip Platzer

20th May 2017 | 10.00 – 14.00
Location: Himmelgrau Offline | Feuerbachgasse 10, 8020 Graz

The creative meeting zone Himmelgrau of Kathrin Jummer again invites interested people to exceptional workshops within Designmonat Graz. The Graz-based label A pinch of salt gets inspired by the ocean when designing their jewelry. Under the title ‘Wanderlust meets design’, jewelry designer Alex invites you to an exhibition workshop and within 4 hours gives insight into the production of jewelry.


Silk patchwork art from Mumbai

Chic Ethic Fair Trade Shop, Tummelplatz 9, 8010 Graz
Saturday 20th May 2017 / 11:00

In the course of the World Fair Trade Day, the silk patchwork creations of the partners from Mumbai are presented – champagne and appetizers are served.

© Reiter

20th May 2017 | 11.00
Location: Chic Ethic – Fair Trade Shop | Tummelplatz 9, 8010 Graz

The fair trade shop ‘Chic Ethic’ of Hélène Reiter-Viollet and Andreas Reiter stands for fair trade products coming from organic cultivation and selected European crafts. Within Designmonat Graz, they present the silk patchwork creations of their fair trade partners from Mumbai. Preeti Shroff is the head of the Indian crafts studio and consistently stands in for both esthetical and prime quality requirements. The pieces of work, of course diligently produced under the terms of fair trade, are unique and spread oriental flair without appearing kitschy, due to their intensive colors and striking ornaments.

OmasTeekanne003_dmg © Evgenia Rieger_KL

Presentation: Sarcasm is the new smartness

Omas Teekanne, Nikolaiplatz 1, 8010 Graz
Saturday 20th May 2017 / 14:00

Omas Teekanne presents the new upcycling tableware collection ‘Sarcasm is the new smartness’ by designer Yuno Khripunova.

OmasTeekanne004_dmg © Evgenia Rieger
© Evgenia Rieger

20th May 2017 | 14.00 – 16.00
Location: Omas Teekanne | Nikolaiplatz 1, 8020 Graz

Omas Teekanne unites a vintage tea bar, a design shop and a co-making space under one roof. Within a tea tasting they present aromatic blends comprising chocolate, blueberries or jasmine blossoms; during the entire Designmonat Graz, Omas Teekanne offers a specially designed Designmonat cocktail, based on tea. With her new upcycling tableware collection ‘Sarcasm is the new smartness’, designer Yuno Khripunova shows a smart solution for vintage tableware.


Presentation: Mykita

Tuesday 23rd May 2017 / 13:00

The striking eyewear of the German label is presented at Brillenquartier.

© Tina Herzl

23th May 2017 | from 13.00
Location: Brillenquartier | Hans-Sachs-Gasse 1, 8010 Graz

The Graz-based optics company Brillenquartier of Christian Potisk present the new collection of glasses and sunshades by Mykita. What is unusual about the creations of the German label, that was founded by four friends in 2003, is the joint, which does without any screws or solder connections. Instead, the components are bowed and folded, so that the largely minimalistic eyewear can actually be ‘bent’.


Design and art bazaar: “Art to go”

Omas Teekanne, Nikolaiplatz 1, 8010 Graz
Friday 26th May 2017 - Saturday, 27. May 2017

Local artists, photographers and designers invite you to an artistic walk in the open air.

© Jorj Konstantinov

26th to 27th May 2017 | 10.00 – 19.00
Location: Omas Teekanne | Nikolaiplatz 1, 8020 Graz

Omas Teekanne unites a vintage tea bar, a design shop and a co-making space under one roof. In the course of Designmonat Graz the two owners Sandra Auer and Yuno Khripunova invite to a design and art bazaar at 26th and 27th May.