assembly Opening Fashion Show

© Jindrakova Bet-Orten

5th May 2017 | 20.00
Location: Space 01 | Kunsthaus Graz | Lendkai 1, 8020 Graz
Tickets available at spark7 | Kastner & Öhler 1st Floor | Pell Mell, Griesgasse 4, 8020 Graz
Tickets bought in advance: 20 euros (spark7 18 euros), 23 euros

In 2017 for the first time, the opening fashion show takes place at Kunsthaus Graz. International and national fashion labels present their new collections in dialogue with the so called “Weltraumschwitzer” by Erwin Wurm – the oversized pink garment is part of Wurm’s exhibition in Space 01 becoming an imaginary piece of clothes for the amorphous form of the Kunsthaus Graz.
One highlight of the festival is the award ceremony of the Kastner & Oehler Fashion Award endowed with 5.000 euros. The prize will be given to the most innovative fashion label.

The show will be moderated by Gerald Votava, music by Rainer Binder-Kriegelstein.

The participating labels:
Eder Aurre (ES)
Due d’ORO (AT, Modeschule Graz)
Fac Mariela Gemisheva (BG)
Ferrari Zöchling (AT)
JJ Jaroslava Jindráková (CZ)
Kay double u (AT)
KLar KLara Neuber (AT)
Lazlo (HU)
Modle (RS)
Ni-Ly (AT)