Design Battle

11th May 2017
Location: Tischlerei Josef Prödl | 8328 Kirchberg/Raab 171

Experience design close up, participate actively, and evaluate unsparingly – all that was guaranteed within the second Design Battle at Tischlerei Josef Proedl – paired with fine cuisine and a lot of fun.

What does actually happen when designers and experts from other disciplines encounter and mutually work on a task concerning the topic ‘wood’. To get to the bottom of that matter was the aim of Design Battle which was staged at Tischlerei Josef Proedl at Kirchberg an der Raab on 11th May.

Four teams of two professionals each were participating in the event and they got informed about their assignment only 24 hours beforehand. Then the countdown started and the following day from 5 pm on, all the drafts, sketches, thoughts, ideas and everything important were presented to the audience at Tischlerei Josef Proedl. There was immediate and direct feedback from the audience and a jury of experts. The teams accepted it and included it in the redesigns of their concepts.

In the end there were four products that do not only show a high quality of design but the prerequisite to be manufactured. Tischlerei Proedl – being the place where the concepts of the ‘mixed design doubles’ took shape on the very same evening – takes care of this. ‘Our carpenters are assisting the designers with their know-how and their skills in terms of materials”, says host Josef Proedl.

The assignment
What did we expect? It is actually quite simple – as we all know it, have it, use it. Colored, black, white or natural colored. Tremendously multifaceted regarding its kind. Having been designed many times, it still constantly takes on new shape. It does a good job and always is at the right place at the right time. It is aware of its function and still can be so much more – for, it is many times also used as a seat. The number of its feet is of no importance. No angle is unknown, no space too little, no location too refined. It might be a Monobloc, or have just one leg – still, it mostly stands alone. It does stand firmly and securely on the ground and does not need anything on its side as it IS on your side. It is simply a good friend and it is there for you when you need it. It adapts and can be combined. It is the master and can blend it. It might be round, rectangular or even both – a box, a tray with feet or just a board on stones. However – it wants to be reinvented once more. The good old side table. Made of wood.

The teams
– Team 1: Gernot Ritter (HOFRICHTER-RITTER Architekten) & Eva Burtscher (Eva Elias Design/Securo Zaunbau)
– Team 2: Tobias Kestel (White Elephant Studio) & Daniela Müller (Die Steirerin/Business Monat, Editor-in-chief)
– Team 3: Thomas Feichtner (Thomas Feichtner Studio) & Sigrid Buerstmayr (idk Institute for Design & Communication, FH JOANNEUM a. Atelier Erika Thuemmel)
– Team 4: Clemens Luser (HoG Architektur) & Andrea Krobath (Kastner & Oehler, Head of Fashion Marketing)

Design Battle 2017 from CIS Community on Vimeo.