FH JOANNEUM Lecture by Luis Fernandes


May 3, 2018 | 18.30

Other Story, Other Television
In this lecture Luis Fernandes will discuss some of his projects to explore and understand how collaborations, partnerships and international networks to empower a new generation of creators work. He will also present “180 Creative Camp” as an opportunity to pose questions, promote discussions, understand the challenges, opportunities, conflicts and ambiguities through the perspective of the youth.

Luis Fernandes
Luis Fernandes is the Executive Producer of Canal180 (Cannes Lion, 2012), a media platform with focus on culture and creativity that opens a discussion for a community of creators interested in music, design, video, architecture, photography and digital arts. He is also in charge of 180 Creative Camp (Creative Collaborations in Media Arts) and the Head of Partnerships of Canal180. He co-founded the Oporto Laboratory of Architecture and Design in 2010 and curated Get Set Festival – presenting young creators, celebrating creativity – between 2010 and 2015. Luis Fernandes has a Master Degree in Architecture (Oporto, 2009).

Design and Protest
This year’s lecture series of the FH JOANNEUM Institute for Design and Communication will bring speakers from Tel Aviv, Detroit, New York and Porto to Graz to present and discuss various aspects of these trends by using concrete examples.

For more than a hundred years, creative professionals have been visualizing ideas, promoting commitment in social and political issues, and thus participating in shaping the world. Even today, many designers are no longer satisfied with just serving well-heeled clients in their search for aesthetic differentiation, but increasingly question their role as designers in the context of the increasing gap between rich and poor. They engage in social movements, support grassroots initiatives and try to make a simple and calm contribution to improving the world and for a solidary society.



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