FH JOANNEUM lecture by Yuri Landman

© Yuri Landman

18th May 2017 | 18.15
Location: Murinsel | Lendkai 19, 8020 Graz

The Art of Noise
Landman will give a lecture at Joanneum about his work as a designer: the sound principles of several instruments, ergonomy of the designs, aesthetics of noise music and the relation between music and nature.

Yuri Landman (1973) is a musician and an inventor of musical instruments. Based on prepared guitar techniques, he built his first instrument in 2001 to solve the inaccuracy of instant preparations. He has built experimental instruments for acts such as Sonic Youth, dEUS, Melt-Banana, Rhys Chatham, Ex-Easter Island Head, Half Japanese, Kaki King.