29th and 30th April 2017
Locations: Schauspielhaus Graz | Oper Graz | Next Liberty | Dom im Berg | Stadtpark

Multifaceted scenery of sounds and lights in the center of Graz.
Enormous sculptures of light, a carpet of colors, projections and video installations, text collages and of course music – visitors of the Klanglicht event expected extraordinary things.

For the first time, the audience was able to experience the nocturnal Graz in a completely new light even on two evenings: With free admission, Bühnen Graz und artists from six different nations invited people to an unforgettable experience at Schauspielhaus, the Opera House, Next Liberty, Dom im Berg and Stadtpark.

The programme included nine artistic projects – still, not only the single projects of the agenda were worth seeing but also the passages in between.