Light 2017

© Plex Noir

21st April to 28th May 2017 | from 20 h
Location: Joanneumsviertel Graz

Different approaches to the topic light in public space
Eight projects and installations in public space open up new perspectives – beyond the ordinary perception – in terms of lighting. Among others, at Joanneumsviertel, the artistic group Plex Noir created an audiovisual installation that results from the interplay of moving pictures and laser projections.

Also the Murinsel is going to shine in the course of Klanglicht: During the Klanglicht weekend, from the Murinsel and downstream to Hauptbruecke, a laser light wave, designed by the visual artists of OchoReSotto, is going to provide an exceptional visual experience of the river Mur.

The design of the installation is created in an interactive way by the observers: they are invited to influence the composition of the dynamic façade installation via their smartphones. Individually or in groups they can dynamically draw, play, dance and compose. It is based on the idea of making the mobile phone technology, that in principle cannot be seen, visible – in an esthetically attractive way.

The opening of ‘Licht 2017’ takes place on 21st April from 20 h – interested people can look at the real-time-study of Plex Noir until 21st May 2017. The other installations and projects are to be found in the entire city center within Designmonat Graz.