Schloss Hollenegg for Design – Morphosis

5th to 8th May 2017
Location: Schloss Hollenegg for Design, 8530 Hollenegg 1

To hold on to change – Design exhibition at Schloss Hollenegg.
20 young designers dealt with the topic Morphosis and showed their relevant works at Schloss Hollenegg. Morphosis can be defined as the constant process of modification, the change that everything is subject to – from the organisms, inanimate objects, habits to even cultures. The exhibition displays how these modifications take place and how design can have an influence on Morphosis.

Based on this key idea, in the summer of 2016 two designers worked as ‘Designers in Residence’ for one week each at Schloss Hollenegg and let themselves be inspired by the environment and the history of the castle. Further 18 designers were invited in the fall of 2016 to also deal with the issue of Morphosis and to submit works for the exposition.

The main venue for the event was be the ceremonial hall of Schloss Hollenegg, whose history dates back to the 12th century. Founded by Alice Stori Liechtenstein, the project ‘Schloss Hollenegg for Design’ is a cultural association that supports young, aspiring designers.