The Orange Age

30th April. to 17th June 2017
Opening hours: Tue to Sat | 13.00 – 19.00
Location: designforum Steiermark | Andreas-Hofer-Platz 17, 8010 Graz

Guided tours with the curator:
12th May | 16.30
1st June | 17.00
10th June | 13.00

The Orange Age – an exhibition on media design of the 70s reviews a dynamic and highly creative era of the 20th century by showcasing selected objects and exhibits. Audio and TV devices, communication devices and office machines show how close (a lot of things still look familiar) and at the same time far (the analogue mode has disappeared once and for all) this period that was significant for the development of media as well as deign appears. The 1970s are – as the persistent retro trend suggests – as popular as no other decade.
All objects come from the private archive of Heinz M Fischer, who is in possesion of one of the most comprehensive historical media collections in Austria.

The exhibition is a cooperation with the Department of Media & Design of FH Joanneum. While at designforum Steiermark the exhibition deals with the communication tools of the past, speakers give a glimpse into the future of communication and media in the course of FH Joanneum Lecture Days. Presentation areas for the exhibits of ‘The Orange Age’ are provided by the carpentry of Josef Proedl, namely the HUBs, office furniture designed and made by Fantoni in Italy. The exhibition will be displayed in the following months at several locations, inter alia designforum Wien (Vienna) and designforum Vorarlberg.

Eröffnung "The Orange Age" from CIS Community on Vimeo.